“Bachelor of Science in Esports” could soon be an actual college degree in Philippines.

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Tier One Entertainment’s Tryke Gutierrez recently shared that he’s been working with Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) in creating a curriculum for ‘Bachelor of Science in Esports.’ – a 4-year college program focused solely on the study of Esports.

Per the Esports agency CEO, the curriculum is ‘80% done‘ and future enrollees can choose from its 2 tracks of Game Design or Esports Management.

Bachelor of Science in Esports!! We are weeks away from reaching one of the biggest milestone in Philippine esports…

Posted by TryQ on Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Tryke has yet to share the full program list, but he mentioned that the decision for the program stems from PH being one of the largest Esports markets in Asia. He furthered that other countries like U.S, Singapore, and China are already offering Esports programs.

‘This is a dream come true for me as I personally believe that a proper support system is one of the strongest foundations for success.’ he shared.

‘Once the academe finally accepts this industry, I truly believe that the support from families of gamers will follow.’

With other Esports programs usually offered through vocational programs or training camps, Tryke further emphasized the need for a degree in the budding field.

‘I’ve been in this industry for too long to understand that it takes more than passion in order to achieve what you want to achieve [in Esports].’

‘You need hard work, sacrifice, skills, professionalism and many more.’

There’s no say when the course will officially start preparation though, as Tryke’s team is still set to send the curriculum for CHED approval on March 4.

The idea isn’t so far-fetched when you consider that PH’s very own Esports team ‘Sibol‘ brought the country pride when they bagged 3 gold medals in the 2019 SEA Games – bringing a whole new definition to ‘kaka-kompyuter mo yan‘.

One could question the need for a college program, but with entirely new digital career fields slowly but surely thriving through the years, this could be a game-changer in how we see non-traditional degrees.

How to play Call Of Duty: Mobile on PC

Call of Duty: Mobile launched a couple of days ago, and while a lot of people seem to be into it, not everyone has a smartphone capable of playing graphics-heavy games. If you’re one of those people who own a device that can’t game but still want to play COD: Mobile with your friends, then this guide is for you! Tencent, the co-developer of the game released an official PC emulator for COD: Mobile. Check it out!

Step 1

First, you’d want to download the emulator itself. You can find it here. Install the file once it’s finished downloading.

Step 2

From there, find and install COD: Mobile on the Game Center tab.

Step 3

If you initially logged in via Facebook and want to keep your progress, then you’re going to need to download the Facebook Lite app and login there as well. Otherwise, you won’t be able to login to your COD: Mobile account. You can find Facebook Lite in the Game Center as well just search for “Facebook.”.

Step 4

Before running the game, open up the settings on GameLoop. You can find it in the three lines icon on the upper right side of the GameLoop app.

From there go to the Engine tab. Depending on the specs of your PC, adjust these settings. The important thing to take note is the Memory – which is the RAM your “phone” or the emulator has, and Processor (make sure you set this below what your has). If you have multiple Playback and Recording devices, then make sure you set the ones your currently using. For the first five rendering options, I just left it as is.

Step 5

Now you can finally start the game! Head over to the main menu, then go to the My Games tab and hit play.

From here you should see Call of Duty. Hit play and a separate window for the game should pop up. Once you reach this screen, log in using your preferred method; I only tested with FaceBook because that’s where my account is linked, but others should work fine too. The controls are all on the right side so learning them shouldn’t be much of a challenge. One thing is that the left Ctrl key is used to free up the mouse cursor which is useful for the BR mode when looting. But, if you’re a long-time PC FPS gamer, then you know that the left Ctrl key is typically for ducking. Just keep that in mind because I’ve died quite a few times for hitting the Ctrl key and then not being able to aim.

Step 6

The only thing left to do is start playing the game! See you guys out there!